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The Cloud Stove

Your cloud application is beautiful and unique like a snowflake. There are tons of ways to deploy it and we'll help you find the best one. Carefully chosen from a wide variety of cloud providers to give your application the stage it deserves. With maximum performance and the lowest costs.

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Expert Recommendations for Cloud Application Deployment

Tailored deployment recommendations for your application.
Model your application based on a set of carefully selected templates or design your own.
Fully customizable load profile with sensible defaults
Identify the cost drivers in your deployment
Choose your favorite providers or let us show you the best
Know what your deployment will cost per user

Tailored Recommendations

Finding the best cloud provider and the most suitable resources to deploy your application is time consuming and expensive. There are a lot of cloud providers offering lots of different IaaS resources you could use, and the Cloud Stove recommendation engine will help you find the best set of resources for your particular use case.

Custom workload models

We provide representative application workloads so you can quickly generate recommendations for common scenarios. To exactly suit your application characteristics, you can fully customize the workload model that drives our recommendation engine.

Applications modeled to your exact requirements

Our application catalog covers a wide range of common cloud business cases, but we know that when you look closer, every application is different. That’s why you can customize every aspect of our application templates to exactly match your needs. And if none of the provided templates fit your application, you can even model everything from scratch with our graphical application modeler.

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